Royal Photographer and the legend Sri.Ramesh Shukla at Dubai KMCC Hall

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Dubai KMCC invites for an evening with Dubai’s Royal Photographer and the legend who has walked with the time as this nation was developing into a golden era, and the one who has captured the historical golden moments in his camera Shri. Ramesh Shukla
A man who has been associated with the royal families and the people of UAE from very early days. He has lived and worked here for almost half a century. He has agreed to spend an evening with us at Dubai KMCC and to share some of his experiences and the historical moments he has witnessed and recorded.
As a member of the newly graduated Journalism course, your presence carries significance as you may pick up few points from this session, and you  have an opportunity to meet him and ask questions
Some selected photographs by Shri Shukla will be exhibited during the event
When :   24th april  7.30 pm
What :   Meet the legend, Interactions, questions from the audience, photo exhibition
Please attend with your  friends
More Details : Mr.P.K.Anwar Naha, President Dubai KMCC.

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